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Saint Rocco

AKA: Roc; Roch; Roche; Rochus; Rock; Rocke; Rollock; Rollox; Roque

Born: c. 1295 in Montpellier, Kingdom of Majorca, France

Died: 1327 at Montpellier or Angleria, France of Natural Causes; Relics in Venice, Italy in the church of San Rocco; in Rome, Italy and in Arles, France

Venerated: Catholic Church (Third Order of Saint Francis); Anglican Communion; Aglipayan Church

Canonized: By popular fervor; added to Roman Martyrology by Pope Gregory XIV

Feast Day: August 16; August 17 by the Third Order of Saint Francis

Patronages: Against Cholera; Against Diseased Cattle; Against Epidemics; Against Knee Problems; Against Plague; Against Skin Diseases; Bachelors; Dogs; Falsely Accused People; Invalids; Relief from Pestilence; Surgeons; Tile Makers
Place: Diocese of Tagbilaran, Philippines; Drnis, Croatia; Italy; Asturias, Cebu, Philippines; Subic Bay Freeport, Philippines; Suwalki, Poland; Constantinople; Istanbul, Turkey

Representation: Angel; Bread; Dog; Pilgrim with Staff, often displaying a plague sore on his leg; Pilgrim with a Dog; Pilgrim with a Dog licking the Plague Spot; Pilgrim with a Dog carrying a loaf of bread in its mouth

It is believed that Saint Rocco (Saint Roch) was born in Montpellier, France, in 1350, the son of the governor.  At the age of twenty he went to Rome and while there devoted himself to the care of plague victims, effecting many miraculous cures.

Rocco himself fell victim to the plague, but eventually he recovered.  When he returned to France, he was thrown in jail as a spy.  He died in prison is 1380, at the age of thirty, and only then was it discovered that this prisoner had been a former governor's son.

After his death, many miracles were reported through Rocco's intercession.  He is still invoked in times of pestilence and plague.

For Further Information About Saint Rocco (Saint Roch), See CatholicSaints.Info Website

Prayer: O God, in Your great goodness, You sent Your Son among us to show us the way, the truth, and the life.  Through the example and intercession of Your servant, Saint Rocco, may we always continue to follow Jesus in our sick and needy brothers and sisters.  This we ask through Christ our Lord.  Amen.