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Saints Cosmas & Damian

Born: c. 3rd century, in Arabia
Died: c. 287 in Aegea, Roman province of Syria
Venerated: Roman Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Churches
Oriental Orthodox Churches
Eastern Catholic Churches

Feast Day: September 26
September 25 (Canada)
November 1 (Eastern Orthodox Church)

Patronages: Surgeons
Protectors of Children
Daycare Centers
Children in House
Against Hernia
Against the Plague

Saints Cosmas & Damian were brothers, born in Arabia, who had become eminent for their skill in the science of medicine.  Being Christians, they were filled with the spirit of charity and never took money for their services.  At Egaea in Cilicia, where they lived, they enjoyed the highest esteem of the people.

When the persecution under Diocletian broke out, their very prominence rendered them marked objects of persecution.  Being apprehended by order of Lysias, Governor of Cilicia, they underwent various torments and were finally beheaded about the year 283.

Prayer: Lord, may the devout memorial of Saints Cosmas & Damian render praise to You.  For in Your ineffable providence, You conferred eternal glory on them and a duty to us.  Amen.


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