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Sister Mary Ephrem (Mildred Neuzil), a Precious Blood Sister, was a semi-cloistered (lived in a cell but taught school children) nun in 1938 when she began to have interior locutions and other mystical experiences.  It was not for another ten years before her confessor learned of them.  He then advised prudence because sometimes these occurrences are a result of an overactive imagination; however, the mystical events became more pronounced and vivid.  She wanted to become fully cloistered, which she did, when her community established a cloister and she was permitted to enter in 1958.

She gave no external signs that she was different from any other member of the community.

Eventually she began to write about these occasions of special communication with God.  These were read by another priest to whom she had gone for direction: there was nothing in them contrary to faith and morals, nor anything to indicate mental instability.  In fact, the great emphasis on the indwelling of the Blessed Trinity, gave evidence of a deep a theological understanding surpassing that which he had been taught.  In 1954 these visits from Heaven involved a special devotion to Mary which this Sister was commanded to promote the message of Mary, who presenting herself under the title Our Lady of America.

Archbishop Paul Leibold was Sister's spiritual director from 1940 to 1972, when he died.  He authorized the first and the second printing of these messages and had the metal of Our Lady of America struck.