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Saint Andrew (the Apostle)

A.K.A. Andrew the Protoclete; Andreas; Endres

Born: 5 or 6 B.C. in Bethsaida, Galilee, Roman Empire

Died: Mid to late 1st century; Crucified on a saltire (x-shaped) cross in Patras, Greece; Relics destroyed c. 1559 by Protestants

Venerated: All of Christianity

Canonized: Apostolic age by Pre-congregation

Feast Day: November 30

Patronages: Against Convulsions; Against Fever; Against Gout; Against Neck Pain; Against Sore Throats; Against Whooping Cough; Anglers; Boatmen; Butchers; Farm Workers; Fish Dealers; Fish Mongers; Fishermen; Happy Marriages; Maidens; Mariners; Miners; Old Maids; Pregnant Women; Rope Makers; Sail Makers; Sailors; Single Lay Women; Singers; Textile Workers; Water Carriers; Women Who Wish to Become Mothers

Places: University of Patras; Austria; Barbados; Germany; Greece; Luxembourg; Netherlands; Romania; Russia; Scotland; Spain; Ukraine; Diocese of Amalfi-Cava de "Tirreni, Italy; Diocese of Constantinople; Diocese of Grand Rapids, Michigan; Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas; Diocese of Victoria, British Columbia; Bithynia, Asia Minor; Province of Lower Austria; Luga, Malta; Manila, Philippines; San Andreas, California

Representations: Fish; Fishing Net; Man Bound to a Cross; Man Preaching from a Cross; Old Man with Long White Hair and a Beard, Holding the Gospel in his Right Hand, and Leaning on a Transverse Cross; Preachers Holding Some Fish; Saint Andrew's Cross; Saltire (x-shaped) Cross

Saint Andrew, the brother of Saint Peter, was a native of the town of Bethsaida in Galilee, and a fisherman by profession.  Being first a disciple of Saint John the Baptist, he later joined Jesus, and also brought to Him his brother, Simon, with whom he became a member of the Apostolic College.  After the dispersion of the Apostles, Saint Andrew preached the Gospel in Scythia, as we learn from Origen; and, as Sophronius says, also in Sogdiana and Colchis.

According to Theodoret, Saint Gregory Nazianzen, and Saint Jerome, he also labored in Greece.  It is even believed that he carried the Gospel as far as Russia and Poland, and that he preached at Byzantium.  He suffered martyrdom at Patras in Achaia, and, according to ancient authorities, by crucifixion on a cross in the form of an X.

The body of the saint was taken to Constantinople in 357, and deposited in the Church of the Apostles, built by Constantine the Great.  In 1270, when the city fell into the hands of the Latins, the relics were transported to Italy and deposited in the Cathedral of Amalfi.

For Further Information About Saint Andrew (the Apostle), See CatholicSaints.Info Website

Prayer: Lord, You raised up Saint Andrew, Your Apostle, to preach and rule in Your Church.  Grant that we may always experience the benefit of his intercession with You.  Amen.

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