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Saint Lazarus of Bethany

AKA: Lazaro

Born: c. 5, in Bethany (near Jerusalem)

Died: c. 30 (1st time), unknown (2nd time)

Venerated: Roman Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church
Oriental Orthodox Church
Eastern Catholic Churches
Anglican Communion
Lutheran Church

Canonized: Pre-Congregation

Feast Day: July 29

Patronages: Against Leprosy
Order of Saint Lazarus

Lazarus, a beloved friend and follower of Jesus of Nazareth, died and was brought back to life in a story appearing in the New Testament section of the Bible.  As told in the 11th chapter of The Gospel According to John, Jesus arrived in Lazarus' hometown, Bethany, four days after his death.  Greatly moved, he ordered the burial cave's entryway opened and called, "Lazarus, come out."  Lazarus did so, his hands, feet and face still wrapped in cloth.  John reported this miracle as the beginning of the earthly end for Jesus, whose religious opponents were so agitated by it that they started to plot to kill Him. 

Lazarus was also the name of a character in an unrelated parable told by Jesus in the 16th chapter of Luke.  That Lazarus is a poor man reduced to begging at the gate of a rick man's estate.

Both Lazaruses are considered saints in some Catholic and Orthodox branches of the Christian religion.