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Saint Raymond Nonnatus

AKA: Raymund Nonnatus
Raimundo Nonato

Born: 1204 in Portella, Diocese of Urgel, Catalonia, Spain
Delivered by caesarean operation when his mother died in childbirth; hence the name non natus = not born

Died: August 31, 1240 in Castle of Cardona, County of Cardona, County of Barcelona, Crown of Aragon, Spain of Fever
Buried at the chapel of Saint Nicholas near his family farm he was supposed to have managed

Venerated: Roman Catholic Church

Beatified: November 5, 1625 by Pope Urban VIII

Canonized: 1657 by Pope Alexander VII

Feast Day: August 31

Patronages: Against Fever
Expectant Mothers
Falsely Accused People
Confidentiality of Confession
Places: Baitoa, Dominican Republic
San Ramon, Costa Rica

Representation: Mercedarian surrounded by Moors and prisoners
Mercedarian surrounded by ransomed slaves
Mercedarian with a cardinal's red hat
Mercedarian with a padlock on his lips

Raymond Nonnatus was born at Portella, Spain, in 1204, delivered by cesarean section after his mother died.  Thus, he was called Nonnatus (non-natus, or not born).  As a youth, Raymond joined the Mercedarians, an order formed to effect the release of Christian captives from the Moors.

While in Algeria ransoming slaves, Raymond was captured and enslaved for several years.  He was sentenced to be impaled but was spared because of the large ransom he would bring.  Nevertheless, he was forced to run the gauntlet and suffer other tortures before being rescued by Saint Peter Nolasco.

In 1239, after returning to Barcelona, Raymond was made a cardinal by Pope Gregory IX at the age of thirty-five.  The following year, on his way to Rome, he died at Cardona.  He was canonized in 1657 by Pope Alexander VII and is the Patron of midwives.

Prayer: O God, You honor Your people with the example of Your Priest Saint Raymond Nonnatus.  May we, like him, be willing to give ourselves completely to others for Your honor and glory.  This we ask through Christ our Lord.  Amen.