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Saint Sebastian

Born:  256 A.D. in Narbonne, Gaul

Died: c. 288 A.D. in Rome, Italy

Venerated: Roman Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church
Oriental Orthodoxy
Anglican Communion
Aglipayan Church

Canonized: Pre-Congregation

Feast Day: January 20 (Roman Catholic)
December 18 (Orthodox)

Patronages: Soldiers
Holy Christian Death
Places: Negombo, Sri Lanka
Roman Catholic Diocese of Tarlac
Roman Catholic Diocese of Bacolod

Saint Sebastian was born at Narbonne in Gaul, educated at Milan, and martyred at Rome about the year 284.

According to an account of the 5th century and now considered unhistorical, he entered the army at Rome under the Emperor Carinus, about the year 283, in order to render assistance to the martyrs.  When Diocletian left for the East, Saint Sebastian continued to enjoy the esteem of Maximian, his coadjutor in the Empire.  

Saint Sebastian had prudently concealed his religion, but he was at last detected and accused before Diocletian, who condemned him to be shot to death by arrow.  The sentence was executed to the extent that he was left for dead.

Restored to health by the care of a pious widow, he boldly appeared before the Emperor and reproached him for his injustice against the Christians.  The Emperor, recovering from his surprise at beholding Saint Sebastian alive, commanded that he be beaten to death with clubs.  His body was thrown into a sewer; but a pious lady had it privately removed, and buried it in the catacombs.

Prayer:  Lord, grant us a spirit of strength.  Taught by the glorious example of Your Martyr Saint Sebastian, may we learn how to obey You rather than men.  Amen.