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Saint Cecilia

Born: 2nd century AD in Rome

Died: 176-180 or 222-235 AD in Sicily

Venerated: Catholic Church



Feast Day: November 22

Patronages: Hymns; Great Musicians; Poets; Pipe Organs
PLACES: Albi, France; Archdiocese of Omaha; Mar del Plata Argentina

According to her legendary Acts, Cecilia was a native of Rome. At an early age she made a vow of virginity, but her parents forced her to marry a nobleman named Valerian. She converted him to the Faith of Christ, and, by the Providence of God, preserved her virginity. She also converted Tiburtius, the brother of Valerian. Both these men suffered martyrdom for the Faith, and Saint Cecilia died the same glorious death a few days after. Their death occurred probably in the reign of Marcus Aurelius or of Commodus, between the years 161 and 192.

The name of Saint Cecilia has always been most illustrious in the Church, and since the primitive ages, it has been mentioned in the Canon of the Mass (First Eucharistic Prayer). She is honored as a patroness of ecclesiastical music.

PRAYER: Lord, hear our requests. Through the intercession of Cecilia, please grant what we ask. Amen.