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About the Infant Jesus of Prague


Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Date: 1555

Witness: Saint Teresa of Avila
Maria Manrique de Lara y Mendoza

Type: Wax coated wooden statue with wooden base & silver erector

Holy See Approval: Pope Leo XIII
Pope Pius X
Pope Pius XI
Pope Benedict XVI

Shine: Our Lady of Victory Church

The Infant Jesus of Prague (Czech: Pražské Jezulátko) is a 16th century Roman Catholic wax coated wooden statue of the child Jesus holding a globus cruciger, located in the Carmelite Church of Our Lady Victorious in Malá Strana, Prague, Czech Republic.  Pious legends state that the statue once belonged to Saint Teresa of Avila.  It is attested by the Catholic Church that graces have been dispensed through devotion to Jesus through the image of the statute.

The statue merited Papal recognition by Pope Leo XIII who instituted the sodality of the Infant Jesus of Prague in 1896.  On March 30, 1913, Pope Saint Pius X further organized the Confraternity of the Infant Jesus of Prague.  Pope Pius XI granted its first Canonical Coronation on September 27, 1924 while Pope Benedict XVI granted its second coronation to the image as well as a spare ermine fur cape during his Apostolic visit to the Czech Republic in September 2009.