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Saint Albertus Magnus (Albert the Great) Novena
Feast Day:  November 15


Heavenly Father, you made Saint Albert the Great, by enabling him to combine human wisdom and Divine Faith.  We ask You, heavenly Father, to allow Saint Albert the Great to come to our assistance as we study and prepare for our Finals and Exams.  We ask the blessed Mother Mary to intercede on our behalf, in not only bringing us closer to her Son, Jesus, but also to take us to Jesus along with Saint Albert the Great, the patron Saint of Students. 

May our knowledge that we work so hard to gain in our Colleges and Universities bring us ever closer to Jesus, and may our knowledge be of service to building up the Kingdom of God.  May all we do glorify God as we work toward a higher education.  May Saint Albert the Great help ease our anxiety as we study, prepare, and take our finals.  All this we ask in Jesus name, Amen.  

Saint Albert the Great, pray for us!