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Saint Anastasia of Sirmium Novena
Feast Day:  December 25


Recite the following for 9 consecutive days

Saint Anastasia, you were born in Sirmium to a noble pagan father and a Christian mother. She secretly had you baptized and raised in the faith. As a young woman, you were married to another weathly pagan nobleman who initially tolerated your faith but grew to despise it. He virtually imprisoned you within your own home and subjected you to many humiliations. However, after he died, you were free to follow your religion once more and spent your time bolstering Christian morale, which was low because of the many cruel persecutions under the Emperor Diocletian.

When Saint Chrysogonus was arrested, you visited him and many other Christians in prison, ministering to their needs. You were caught, arrested, and ordered to sacrifice to the pagan gods. When you refused you were close to being sexually assaulted by one of the pagan priests, but he was struck blind and died soon afterwards.  You were imprisoned without food but the Lord kept you alive the entire time. Then you were forced upon a boat riddled with holes that was suppose to sink, drowning you and other victims on board. But the boat sailed safely back to shore. Finally, you were burned.

Saint Anastasia, you were the wife of a tyrant and abused at the hands of a pagan priest. Pray for all women who have been sexually assaulted or those who have been forced into sexual slavery, that they may find healing and hope in Christ. Saint Anastasia, your relics have been the source of many miraculous healings and exorcisms. Pray that sin and the devil may be driven out of our lives and God firmly placed within our hearts. Saint Anastasia, you are mentioned in the Eucharistic prayers of the mass and are one of the seven woman celebrated in the Church. Pray for the petitions we bring to you this day. Amen. St. Anastasia, pray for us!